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Infected Systems

Subject to an adequate resource, if both Internet and system security are maintained and up-to-date a platform should be fine. From time to time though, Malvertising, Malware, Rogue Security, Rootkit, Trojan, a Virus or WORM may install ahead of a software update, and while it is conceivable that a scan may no longer detect a threat, damage done can nonetheless contribute to a compromised or unstable platform – it may be prudent therefore to proactively maintain both Windows and Internet security and not simply rely on automatic updates.

Internet Security

An ageing system, an old processor, limited memory and/or hard-drive capacity with excessive volumes of data, may only function with or support basic software, i.e. a system supporting a free Anti-virus or Firewall may simply not have the resource needed for a more appropriate security application. It's important therefore to recognise that an inadequate resource and/or storage with excessive volumes of data should not imply that a simple, less expensive or free product is in some way a better one.

Free programs have their limitations – perhaps consider that it's the ongoing function of a comprehensive security package to monitor, read from and write to the hard-drive, quite conceivably highlighting resource issue and contributing to computer problems, i.e. the Internet security software must work in 'real time', may be a symptom of compounding issues but almost certainly not a cause.

Malicious/Rogue Software

Miscellaneous threats include applications that do not fit into other categories, or they fall into multiple categories. These typically include some form of potentially abhorrent functionality that may pose privacy or security risks. A Rogue Security program is software that claims to scan and detect Malware or other problems on the computer, but attempts to trick users into purchasing the program by presenting the user with intrusive, deceptive warnings and/or false, misleading scan results.

Programs may use aggressive, deceptive advertising likely installed without notice or consent, often on a whim or through security exploits (flaws). It may not always be necessary to recover an infected operating system, though improved performance can be an added benefit of cleaning the hard-drive and restoring volume back to a level appropriate for system resource.

Stopped Broadband | ISP Confirmation

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) may stop a broadband service if a system is infected with a virus. In such cases the ISP will require confirmation from an affiliated engineer to verify that a computer has a) been cleaned, b) is installed as per the licence affixed to the body of the PC or Laptop and, c) is subsequently protected with Internet security software before they will reconnect the client. A standard fee for this is £15.00 over and above the cost of works. This service is only available with works, i.e. consultancies with the ISP cannot go ahead by us if works have been carried out or verified by a third-party.

Telephone Scamming, Unsolicited Cold-calling and High-pressure Technical Sales

First of all, it's important to note that computers by their very nature are complex, operating at root level in binary, transmitting data at millions of cycles per second. It's relatively normal therefore for problems to accrue, many repaired automatically with routine shutdown and restart or Windows updates. Simply don't allow yourself to be alarmed by a third-party likely highlighting innocuous errors, but instead conceivably ask them to provide a telephone number where they can be reached maybe having given the matter consideration.

Typically scammers will provide a false UK telephone number, will attempt to alarm without good reason, endeavouring to part you with your money (a fixed or an annual fee), and cannot possibly know the state of your PC without first connecting to it. If in any doubt, don't allow anyone to remotely connect to your computer (and certainly don't pass on card details) unless it's for a technical session perhaps instigated by you, e.g. BT, Norton Internet Security, Virgin media etc.

Be particularly aware of a cold-caller who claims to be from, for instance, Microsoft when in retrospect, we perhaps ought to know that this is not Microsoft or Symantec (Norton) policy or working practice. And be absolutely certain even if you make the call yourself, that the person on the other end is who they purport to be, not for instance someone you simply find at the top of Google.

Virus Cleaning

Although not typically essential, in some cases restoring a platform can prove the most economic option to cleaning system files and the computer registry, doubly ensuring that the Internet security has a) not expired, b) that all security software components are up-to-date, and c) that the newly installed OS also includes the latest service packs and updates. Improved performance can also be an added benefit of cleaning the hard-drive, restoring volume back to a level appropriate for system resource.

£015.00 Occasionally rogue software can be resolved within the constraints of a rapid service. A more likely cost of removing an infection, however, is from £15.00. For example, £15.00 + £2.00 for optional security updates and service packs (min + £5.00 on site), possibly totalling £17.00/20.00; though this cannot be a fixed fee and a full service may be advised or necessary.
£-02.00 Conceivable time needed to process security updates also means that downloads may only be initiated and explained to the client on site, otherwise might require returning to the workshop.
£-05.00 Plus other advised, albeit optional, works, e.g. reclaim hard-drive, optimise system, windows repairs.
£010.00 Collect and return (Subject to exact location and on-site requirements, this figure may be reduced by up-to 50%).

Optional Full Service

£035.00 Full service (Optional new install, Internet and Internet security ready / Free chassis clean (From: £24.50 – A client can achieve up-to 30% off)).
£0-5.25 Conceivable web discount – please mention that you visited the website.
£010.00 Collect and return (Install to premises, reinstate WiFi (Excludes other third-party peripheral device (Subject to exact location and on-site requirements, this figure may be reduced by up-to 50%))).
£-05.00 Plus other possible on-site request / third-party works (£5.00), e.g. install application, printer, scanner (on-site fee only, otherwise minimum: £15.00).