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Norton Security Supply and Install – Peterborough

Steve provides a one-to-one Norton Security Supply and Install service, will purchase and supply Norton Security 5-Device Single User Licence for local customers at the best conceivable price, and install to the clients' system at the 'reduced' price, typically £25.00 STANDARD (DELUXE £25.00/30.00), plus a £20.00 charge which includes complimentary maintenance helping to ensure sustained performance from the home or office computer year-to-year (also available off-site, subject to conceivable collect and return fee). An example of costs might be: £24.95 for Norton DELUXE + £20.00 fee + £5.00 for each additional device/PC including complimentary maintenance, totalling for example £49.95 (one additonal machine).

Norton Internet Security, Peterborough, UK

If you have a current Norton subscription with Symantec that is automatically deducted from a debit card; you are not particularly computer savvy and/or you see a clear benefit from having your system expertly assessed and maintained on an ongoing basis, this is a cost-effective worthwhile and worry-free alternative for customers, offering a saving on retail pricing, a substantial saving on online renewal, and sustaining computer performance.

All a client need do is call or email requesting help with their Internet Security, advising of their expiry date and Steve will get back with a mutually agreeable time and date to come along, supply and install the software with added value maintenance. With regret a home visit with this service is currently only available in Peterborough. He will at the same time also help a customer set-up a Norton Account, where necessary demonstrating how one can update software to the current product, download and install to a second, third, forth and fifth device.

To change how an existing Symantec 'online' subscription is managed, to ensure payment isn't taken from your bank account year-on-year, 1Sign In at: 2Select 'Automatic Renewal Settings' and/or click 'Automatic Renewal and Subscriptions'. 3Move the slider to the OFF position shown in the image below. Note, if installing for the first time, simply 'opt out' of automatic renewal on setup to ensure monies are not taken from your bank automatically at time of renewal.

Norton Internet Security, Peterborough, UK

Should a client experience some difficulties in following the above advice and/or regardless wish to stop Symantec Norton from taking funds from a bank account on an ongoing basis each year, Steve is happy to advise and/or help on Peterborough (01733) 777878, or you might instead telephone Symantec Online Store Customer Services: (02076) 165600.

Free AVG has been recommended. Is it okay, do I not need to buy my Internet security?

Internet security advice should be tailored specifically to the end-user. If advised by a third-party based on their personal experience, it would perhaps be wise to install free software with caution. If your PC and its use has been properly evaluated, free AVG for instance may well suit requirements (Note that AVG may now have it's limitations and you might consider Avast Antivirus instead). It's important to note, however, that while a free or basic Internet security with its limitations may be fit-for-purpose or appropriate for an aging resource, this nonetheless shouldn't automatically imply that it's in some way better than a leading product, and that the right course of action might be to instead upgrade the system.

If a product such as free AVG or Avast is installed, it would help to develop some understanding and proactively maintain the application (Note that MSE is no longer available for Windows XP, Vista; is included with OS as 'Windows Defender' for Windows 8, 8.1, 10>). More about Infected Systems and Internet Security.