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Internet Policy

Visitors are encouraged to use this website, given an understanding, however, that the data available is tentative. While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, it does not constitute legal or other professional commitment and/or advice.

Links Policy

This website includes links to other sites – please note that we, PCWorkspace, are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites, and that we encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site to read the privacy statements of each and every website that may collect personally identifiable information.


PCWorkspace is naturally committed to the prevention of publication of any material on any of its IT facilities which it may consider pornographic, excessively violent or that that comes within the provisions of the Obscene Publications Act 1959, the Protection of Children Act 1978 and the Criminal Justice Act 1988.

PCWebspace, t/a PCWorkspace will of course regard any such publication as a very serious matter and will not hesitate to contact the police. Any information held for the purposes of an internal or police investigation into such matters is exempt information for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Material is deemed to be obscene if its overall effect is to tend to deprave and corrupt a significant proportion of those who are likely to see or hear the matter contained in the material.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy found here applies only to this website. We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of visitors to our websites as well as the privacy of our clients. We have established procedures to protect your privacy and we uphold them forcefully.

Where relevant, data passed to us is treated as confidential and held only in the interest of our clients. Any such information might conceivably relate specifically to legal matters, billing and client contact. Where appropriate, we make every effort to ensure its security and to treat this information responsibly.

Clients' information is not made available to any third-party less where necessary in the normal course of our business or where the law stipulates that such information should be made available, to identify, make contact with or bring legal action against someone who may be causing harm or interfering with the rights or property of PCWorkspace, its associates or clients.

Changes to Policy

If we opt to change our privacy policy, we will post notice of these changes on our website to ensure users are always aware of any updates, and/or where circumstances dictate that we must disclose information.

We only use data in accordance with the privacy policy under which the information may have been gathered. If at any point we decide to use personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was passed to us, users will be notified.


If you have any concerns about our website security, please contact us.

Terms of Business


We make every effort to secure clients' files as standard, however we cannot accept responsibility for safeguarding data, consequently customers should ensure that they back-up or remove information of conceivable value prior to submitting systems for repair.


PCWebspace t/a PCWorkspace will start a web development project, implementing a framework without prior payment, however, continued works, completion is both subject to a deposit and available data. Work in progress (WIP) may continue up to the value of £1000.00 where a prior budget has not been established, e.g. work to the value of £1000.00 may be charged to a company that has commissioned a project, should they simply then neglect to collaborate or harmonise with the design team.

All data and images used for design and creative works including website publishing, regardless whether royalty free, are specifically for development only unless otherwise stated. It is the client's reponsibility to provide and/or fund suitable content for commpleted projects.

Collecting Equipment / Systems

With regret, repaired systems cannot be released until payment has been made in full. Systems in our charge for assessment, repair or simply pending collection, including equipment beyond economical repair, must be collected within a period specified else may be dismantled for salvage and/or disposed of after two weeks unless prior arrangement has been agreed. Where a client disregards endeavours to have their item(s) collected, we may instead opt to invoice a storage fee of £1.00 – £2.00 a day depending on size of equipment.

Engineers' Fee
We are more than happy to offer a free health-check or freely give a professional opinion as to what may be required along with an estimated cost, however, we need to be sure that time spent will potentially offer a return on investment. Where there is clearly damage, or a greater exploration and/or hardware dismantling is essential to diagnose a problem and find a solution, notwithstanding technical expertise, knowledge and experience, an engineers' fee may be appropriate to compensate for time taken if a client subsequently simply opts not to go ahead with essential repairs or recommendation.

An engineers' fee, otherwise offset against repair costs, is an important policy directive to help protect the business from those who might abuse services or disregard time and trouble taken. A written quote or an engineers' report can be provided in alliance with retail or insurance pre-requisite conceivably in support of any claim a client may have, e.g. accidental damage or an out-of-warranty request – please ask about this.

Please note: a collect and return fee may apply where a unit is collected from and/or returned to customers and clients – please ask.


All contracts are governed by, and construed in accordance with English law and all parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Laptop & PC Repair

The client must be aware of the inherent risks of damage to media or equipment when undergoing computer repairs or data recovery including, without limitation, risks due to destruction or damage to the media or equipment, not excluding aging systems, expected deterioration, conceivable earlier works.

For main-board repairs on systems out of warranty, where a main-board is removed from a laptop for instance, PCWorkspace cannot be held responsible for problems that occur as a consequence of removing and replacing the main-board. We may advise a client in some instances regarding an out-of-warranty claim and conceivably reduce service costs to a standard engineers' fee.

Providing that the customer has a current Internet supply, all units returned to a client are, with exception, fully configured, Internet and Internet security ready. However, given that a hard-drive may be repaired or cleaned, an estimated service fee may not include the re-installation of third-party software, moreover PCWorkspace cannot be held responsible for the consequential loss of software installations that are not licensed, i.e. where the client does not have original support discs and appropriate licence or product key.

While we may in some cases be able to update or retrieve product keys from the registry, it is the client's responsibility to ensure that original backup media and licenses are retained and available if required, and to ensure also that any product keys for software purchased online are recorded should they subsequently be needed. Systems with no software, or a conceivable damaged recovery console, may instead simply be restored to the Windows licence adhered to the chassis, beneath the laptop or inside a netbook, along with drivers and third-party components such as Adobe reader, flash, java etc.

In some cases it may be necessary to fully service a PC or Laptop, possibly re-install the operating system for any number of conceivable reasons. While this might not have been the original intention, it may nonetheless be considered in the client's best interest, particularly where it has been found that there are perhaps compounding or insurmountable software issues. Consequently, the client may themselves then need to reinstall peripherals and/or third-party software when the unit is returned.

Though there is little difference between an original Windows installation, some features on missing bespoke recovery discs, or add-ons originally streamlined with a now damaged recovery console, such as Microsoft Works and optical drive (recording) software, may not consequently be restored unless the client wishes to purchase replacement recovery discs, or a hard-drive partitioned with the original recovery console from the manufacturer.

Where a full recovery is necessary and a client requires important data safeguarding and restoring – though seldom – a surcharge may be appropriate if there are excessive volumes of data, e.g. movies, very high numbers of music files and/or images. In the event that a customer is unaware or does not mention that there are high volumes of data to recover, it's perhaps worth noting that we may simply opt to go ahead with works estimated up to £80.00 (including collect and return) without necessarily reporting back to the client.

Notwithstanding that a figure of £80.00 is perhaps more likely where one or more parts are required; maybe bear in mind that paired hardware components, e.g. a PSU and Graphics Card or a PSU and Hard-drive may fail at the same time or within a short time of each other. It's not inconceivable, moreover, that a constituent part may fail on the workbench. A PSU, for example, that may initially appear okay but transpires to be an underlying cause to component failure, e.g. Hard-drive malfunction, or a Graphics Card that works okay with a PSU that is breaking down, delivering increasingly insufficient wattage, that subsequently fails when a replacement PSU is fitted.

Payment & Prices

We currently accept payments in cash, including bank transfer, or company cheque only. Payment for parts and services must be made with cash or business cheque prior to or upon the delivery or completion of services. Payment for services e.g. domain/web server fees, but not excluding call out and/or repairs, must be cleared by due date or services may stop and late admin fees apply. It's important to note moreover, though we may go ahead with further works, jobs will unlikely be returned to a client if there is an outstanding invoice.

In all instances cash or bank transfer is preferred. Business cheques may be acceptable, however an admin charge is applied and a clearance period, not likely exceeding ten days, may apply. Prices published within this website are accurate at time of press, may be subject to change without prior notice. See also: Collecting Systems, above.

Payment & Prices / Domain Cancellation

Please note that domain names are secured, sometimes registered two years ahead to safeguard ownership, on behalf of clients', and that this means that cancellation must be before March, and that the domain owner may be liable for cancellation fees to include registration payment(s) up until expiry of the name. This will, however, mean that the name owner can continue to use their domain until that date which will be included on their final invoice.

Site Visit

PCWorkspace operate a no fix, no fee policy, however will invoice a half-hour engineers' fee for a site visit which is, albeit, of course offset against repair costs. That is to say, where we are able to repair but the client opts not to go ahead with repair(s), we will instead invoice an engineers' fee to compensate for time and trouble taken; this notwithstanding that we might otherwise need to return systems with us to carry out more extensive bench testing and/or repairs.


Completed work is covered by a *30 day guarantee, unless otherwise stated. However some parts such as new hard drives will carry a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months. Where appropriate, systems are Internet ready with Internet security installed – It's important though that the client doubly ensures that their Internet security is activated and fully up-to-date.

Clearly, where the end-user cannot activate and/or maintain Internet security due to a forgotten username and/or password, we will not be able to extend warranty on software installations. Microsoft Security Essentials is optionally available FREE, helping to ensure that a system is protected against Malware and Viruses beyond the standard warranty period should one need time to resolve Internet security issues with their Internet service (broadband) provider.

For re-furbished/re-installed hard-drives, PCWorkspace guarantee new installations for a period of *90 days against the purchase of a replacement drive, i.e. should an existing re-furbished drive fail within three months of a new system software installation (Operating system (Windows)), we will re-install the operating system *free of charge where a replacement unit is subsequently required/purchased through us.

*Subsequent end-user installation of 'unlicensed software' will invalidate any warranty against software repairs, operating system installations. For new components, normal manufacturer's warranty applies.